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Tembo Bracelets

25% of Profits Donated to Anti-Poaching Efforts 

The illegal ivory trade is responsible for killing more than 144,000 elephants. On average an elephant is killed for its ivory every 15 minutes. Resulting in 96 elephants being poached, every day. The impact of poaching has weighed heavily on elephant populations. In 7 years the elephant population decreased by 30%, with a current decline rate of 8% per year. It's  easy to understand elephants do not have much time before it is too late. 

But we can still save them.


This is why we created Tembo Bracelets. Tembo means elephant in Swahili. We created Tembo Bracelets in order to generate awareness, and provide aid to anti-poaching efforts in Africa. From Kenya to South Africa, our mission is to bring aid to all organizations fighting against illegal poaching. 


25% of every bracelet sold is directly donated to an organization working to protect elephants from poaching. When you wear a Tembo Bracelet, you are also raising awareness against the illegal ivory trade. Bracelet by bracelet, we can help ensure elephants do not become extinct and future generations are able to witness these special animals in the wild. 


Tembo Bracelets was founded in beautiful San Diego, California.