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The Tsavo Trust is a field-based, Kenyan non-profit conservation organization.


Headquartered in the Kamungi Community Conservancy, which borders Tsavo East National Park (TENP), Tsavo Trust is a team of professionals from the world of conservation and wildlife management in Kenya, who have an excellent understanding of the challenges that the

Tsavo Conservation Area faces.


The Tsavo Trust does not have a large back-office staff, 

each employee spends the majority of his or her time out in the field protecting the animals of Tsavo.


No-nonsense, action-oriented and with their eyes always set to the horizon, the Tsavo Trust is out there making a difference every day.

The Tsavo Trust was the first organization Tembo Bracelets proudly supported.  Focusing on the Tsavo Trust's "Big Tusker Project" — protecting the last remaining tuskers in Africa, carrying over 100 lbs of ivory, per tusk! 

Please visit tsavotrust.org for more information

Reteti Elephant Sanctuary Community United for Elephants, otherwise known as RESCUE, is the first ever community owned and operated elephant sanctuary. The local Samburu community of Northern Kenya has created a safe haven for abandoned elephant calves. The orphans at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary lose their mother's strongly due to poaching, human-wildlife conflict, or drought.


Reteti provides it's orphaned elephants with a second chance at life, by rescuing, raising and releasing their orphans back into the wild. 


Next to poaching, one of the largest threats to elephants is human-wildlife conflict. As local communities grow and spread, elephant habitat shrinks. The result being elephants wonder into areas where they cannot be, perhaps where they once could. A struggle now exists between elephants and humans. Unfortunately, the result is often an elephant being killed, and sometimes humans. The keepers at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary deliver an excellent example to other communities as how to live in harmony alongside wildlife. Reteti Elephant Sanctuary has created a successful program dedicated to saving elephants, while simultaneously generating benefits for the local community. 

Please visit retetielephants.org for more information